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Starbucks Caffé Verona

200 g. Ground Coffee

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Product Specifications

Units 200
Brand Starbucks
Flavour Chocolate, Roasted nuts, Aromatic Arabica, Mild Acidity, Medium roasted beans
Property 200 grams, Arabica
Intensity Medium (5/10)
Best before 18.02.2023

Description of Starbucks Caffé Verona

Here is a Starbucks classic which has been a staple in Starbucks’ inventory since the company’s beginnings at Seattle’s Pike Place Market in the early 1970s.

This coffee was created for a restaurant in Seattle in 1975 and was originally names Jake's Blend. It became so popular that Starbucks had to start selling it in sotre as well, eventually gaining the name Verona blend. 

This coffee is 100% made from medium-roast Arabica beans from Latin America and is known for its mild flavour and chocolate notes. It is perfect for a coffee that can also be enjoyed in the afternoon or evenings, when you might not want a coffee that is too strong and will ruin your night’s sleep.

So even though Starbucks’ menu is always changing and growing, there is always a spot for this classic Caffè Verona. This blend is still one of the most popular and most sought-after among the millions of daily visitors to the Starbucks cafés around the world.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced, medium dark, very popular Starbucks coffee, you cannot go wrong with the House Blend. Here is a coffee experience that will be of the same quality you’re used to in the Starbucks cafés, but at home.

Starbucks Caffé Verona
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