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About Kaffekapslen

Are you among those who think that the selection of coffee capsules is too small and the prices are too high?

Kaffekapslen is the largest retailer of coffee capsules for e.g. Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo and Senseo in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

Our goal is to give coffee capsule users throughout Europe the largest possible selection of coffee - e.g. compatible capsules for Nespresso®, exclusive coffee capsules from Illy or coffee beans from Lavazza.

The only common feature between our customers is that they all love coffee and want to find better and cheaper solutions when selecting coffee.

Whether our customers need capsules for Nespresso®, pads for Senseo, capsules for Tassimo and Dolce Gusto or have an entirely different coffee capsule system, we can offer a wide range of coffee - both from the original suppliers and compatible manufacturers.

It is a prerequisite for our growth that our customers are satisfied. That is why we can be proud to have delivered more than 200,000,000 capsules to more than 700,000 satisfied consumers. We have a fundamental commitment to making sure our customers always get the lowest possible prices, and that they can buy coffee capsules when they need them - instead of waiting for the next "brand offer". Therefore, our goods are very rarely on offer, and we do not sell goods at a lower price than our cost price.

Our history

KaffeKapslen was founded by Morten Ravn in 2011, in a small storage room measuring just 20 m2. Before founding KaffeKapslen, Morten was responsible for sales of coffee products at Nestlé, which owns both Nescafé Dolce Gusto® and Nespresso®.

When Morten founded KaffeKapslen, he was a novice in internet trading, but Morten's extensive knowledge of coffee capsules and experience with merchandising meant that KaffeKapslen grew quickly in the Danish market.

In 2012, KaffeKapslen's Swedish and Norwegian webshops were launched, and the company moved to new premises - still outside Aarhus, but this time with a small office attached to the warehouse. In 2013, growth continued in the Nordic markets, and KaffeKapslen's German webshop was launched.

In 2014 and 2015, there was a focus on increasing KaffeKapslen's range of coffee capsules. Morten spent a lot of time at trade fairs in Europe and the USA seeking the right coffee capsules at the best prices. Meanwhile, more and more orders were being sent out from the company's warehouse outside Aarhus, and in 2015 the company moved again to larger premises.

The warehouse was expanded again in 2018, and once again in 2019 to ensure that we always have room for new and exciting products.