The coffee capsule Christmas calendar

The coffee capsule Christmas calendar

24 different types of coffee

+70.000 calendars sold last year

Available in limited quantities

The perfect countdown to Christmas

Try new and familiar flavours with our coffee pod calendars for Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto and Tassimo

Nespresso Pods Advent Calendar 2022
Dolce Gusto Mix Pods Advent Calendar 2022

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Dolce Gusto Pods Advent Calendar 2022

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Tassimo Pods Advent Calendar 2022

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Hear it from the customers

"Good idea with a calendar where you can taste the many varieties. I have been completely satisfied with the ones I have been delivered."

- Sean

"Fantastic idea, really good gift idea for an Advent present... I enjoy my cup of coffee every morning... all the capsules fit perfectly in my machine... Highly recommended."

 - Louise

"Brilliant Christmas calendar. I've given my mother this two years in a row. She loves to try a new coffee every day that she might not have tried before, and she always finds new favourites."

- Anna

Make it a December to remember

With one of our exclusive coffee pod calendars, you can treat yourself or a loved one and start the holiday season with an explosion of coffee flavours.

Enjoy 24 different pods and wake up every morning with an exciting new coffee adventure!

Hand-picked by Santa's Little Coffee Helpers, the calendars bring the Christmas spirit to your coffee mug.

Available for Nespresso®, Tassimo® and Dolce Gusto® systems.

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Get yours today!

Enjoy 24 different coffee experiences

The gift that keeps on giving! Behind every door, a new coffee experience awaits

A must-have for every coffee lover.

For your preferred pod machine

Choose between calendars for Nespresso®, Tassimo® or Dolce Gusto® machines.

Exclusively at Kaffekapslen

You have questions? We have answers...

Who is this Advent calendar made for? 

The Advent calendar is for those who make coffee with their Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto®, or Tassimo® machines. The calendar is the perfect choice for those who want to make December extra cosy. For those who want to let themselves be tempted by different coffee experiences – both new and known flavours. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite coffee to order next year. 


The Advent calendar for Nespresso® costs €5
The Advent calendar for Tassimo® costs €6.49
The Advent calendars for Dolce Gusto® cost €5 and €12.99

How long is the shelf life for the calendars?

The pods in these calendars will be good until January 31st, 2023. You have enough time to enjoy coffee for all of December. 

What’s inside the Advent calendar?

The coffee pods contain coffee in a variety of strengths and roasting levels. None* of the pods contain milk or sugar, and there are no caffeine-free varieties. Check out the product descriptions for each individual calendar so learn more.

(*The “24 days of flavors” Advent calendar for Dolce Gusto contains pods with milk, sugar, and other additions.)

When will I receive my Advent calendar?

We pack and ship orders every day, and you can expect to receive your package within 6-8 business days. In busy periods delivery can take a little longer. Order you calendar before November 20th. so you’re sure to receive it in time for December 1st