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Marcilla Café Con Leche

16 pods for Tassimo

In stock
Now: €4.19

Product Specifications

Units 16
Number of cups 16
Brand Marcilla
System Tassimo
Flavour Caramel, Sweetness, Milk foam
Cup size Regular Cup
Intensity Medium (5/10)
Best before 11.06.2023

Description of Marcilla Café Con Leche

Since 1907, the Spanish Marcilla brand has been among the coffee favourites in the southern regions of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Marcilla Café Con Leche is a creamy coffee, meant for a larger cup than for an Espresso, where the addition of milk makes it lighter in taste, without compromising the underlying and unmistakable coffee flavour.

A style of coffee particularly popular in the south, it can easily be brewed here in your own Tassimo machine, where each pod comes with built-in milk powder, so you only need one pod for each cup.

The coffee is created Lungo style and blended up with milk. It has a creamy intensity, and slightly caramelised flavour which is rounded off with a delicate and inviting foam on top.

In other words, you get a nice cup of quality southern coffee, perfect for those who aren't into overly strong coffee in general, or as an evening coffee where you might not be too interested in an overly strong shot of caffeine for natural reasons.

Marcilla Café Con Leche
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