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Liquid Descaler Caffenu

2 Doses for Nespresso®

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Product Specifications

Units 2
Brand Kaffekapslen
System Nespresso
Property Accessories
Best before 20.08.2024

Description of Liquid Descaler Caffenu

Easy and effective descaling for your Nespresso®

At Kaffekapslen we recommend that you descale your Nespresso® either once a month or after brewing 200 cups.

We recommend this so that you can have the best coffee experience, but also so that your machine’s lifespan is longer, and to reduce your electricity bill. Limescale has a large impact on your machine’s brewing, how much energy it uses, and can affect your machine’s internal components.

Your machine will typically show the following sings when it needs a descaling: brewing happens with more noise and takes longer than usual, and, last but not least, your coffee may not taste as good as it usually does.

Kaffekapslen’s descaling is a bottle filled with liquid descaling which is mixed with water in the water tank. The liquid contains a disinfecting product that removes bacteria and impurities and is phosphate-free so that it does not leave stains or marks.

The descaling product is mixed in a 10-1 ratio: for 1L of water in the tank you need to use 100ml of descaling product.

The machine then runs its descaling programme (consult your machine’s user manual for more information about this).

Remember to thoroughly rinse your machine after descaling.

This package includes enough descaling product for 2 descalings and can be used for capsule machines, kettles, or normal coffee machines.

We highly recommend that you descale your coffee machine regularly so that your machine continues to function optimally and will continue brewing high quality coffee.

Take care of your Nespresso® with a descaling – your machine will love you for it.

Liquid Descaler Caffenu
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