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Milka Hot Chocolate

8 pods for Senseo

In stock
Now: €4.49

Product Specifications

Units 8
Number of cups 8
Brand Milka
System Senseo
Flavour Cocoa, Milk foam
Cup size Regular Cup
Intensity Medium (5/10)
Best before 14.04.2023

Description of Milka Hot Chocolate

Did you know that in addition to coffee, a Senseo machine is also excellent for brewing cocoa?

These pods from Milka demonstrate it in the best way. Because with them installed, your Senseo brews a creamy cup of Milka cocoa in under a minute.

Milka has been one of the most popular milk chocolates in Europe for many years, with the milk chocolate with the purple Milka cow a familiar sight on many shop shelves.

Now Milka is also available in liquid form as a delicious cocoa with the much-loved Milka chocolate flavour.

Here's a cocoa that we're sure will be a hit with all members of the family. It's equally at home as a cosy drink on a cool autumn evening, as well as a refreshing summer drink when enjoyed cold.

It brews quickly and easily in your Senseo, just remember to use the large cup holder and choose medium cup.

So treat yourself and your family to this delicious Milka cocoa. Because a cocoa always tastes good, and sometimes you just have to be a little good to yourself.

Milka Hot Chocolate
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