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L'OR Or Absolu

20 pods for Nespresso®

In stock
Now: €4.99

Product Specifications

Units 20
Number of cups 20
Brand L'OR
System Nespresso
Flavour Spices, Dark roasted beans, Caramel
Property Aluminium
Cup size Espresso
Intensity Strong (8/10)
Best before 14.04.2023

Description of L'OR Or Absolu

Spiced deliciousness

L'OR has here created a well-balanced espresso with notes of spices and caramel. The body is soft with deep dark tones, and has an intensity that is more pleasant than overwhelming.

Here you therefore get a soft and full-bodied coffee with a classic Espresso taste. A drink-friendly cup that is suitable for all times of the day when you need a shot of energy.

This spicy caramel-like cup is created in the quality you can expect from a premium brand, and is a cup that you quickly get used to and will like.

So, if you are into a classic espresso with a soft body, we are sure this variant will suit you well.

We send it to you in an XL package with 20 pods that fit in your Nespresso® machine.

L'OR is a coffee brand with French roots which was launched by Jacobs Douwe Egberts in 1992, with the aim of creating a new gold standard in the premium coffee sector. All L'OR coffees are UTZ certified, guaranteeing that the beans have been grown with consideration for the environment and the workers' social conditions.

L'OR Or Absolu
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