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Vanilla coffee syrup

20 cl. - Coffee Shop

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Product Specifications

Units 200
Brand Coffee Shop
Flavour Vanilla
Best before 22.01.2024

Description of Vanilla coffee syrup

This Coffee Shop syrup comes with a rich and delicate vanilla taste that is perfect for all types of coffee.
Whether it's a Latte, a Lungo or a Cappuccino, you can easily add a nice aromatic taste of sweet and spicy vanilla to your favourite drink.

Syrup makes coffee fresh and tasty - but in addition to sweetening coffee, syrup also has several other properties that make it a particularly suitable coffee partner.

First of all, with syrup you do not get a residue as you do with sugar. In addition, a syrup dissolves quickly in the coffee, becoming an integral part of the drink.

Finally, Syrup not only adds flavour, but also changes the body of the coffee, giving it extra edge and character. Syrup contributes with rich and varied flavour nuances, creating new exciting coffee experiences.

So if you have not tried syrup with your coffee before, we can definitely recommend it. We are sure that you will agree that this is a new, exciting and delicious way to sweeten your coffee, and your coffee will definitely appreciate it too!

Vanilla coffee syrup
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